JULY 15, 2014

The Melrose East Community Association meeting was a big success thanks to all of the participants.

Among the 60 attendees were Metro Councilman Donna Collins Lewis, EBR School Board Member Evelyn Ware-Jackson, and April D. Hawthorne, assistant to Senator Broome. Of course the MECA board members and MECPD Commissioners were all present. MECA President, Bruce Wood, gave an overview of MECA and MECPD. Crime Prevention President, Lewis Dill, explained patrol activities and future plans.

Special guest speaker Gail Grover, BR Assistant Chief Administrative Officer and her staff explained the HUD Choice Planning Grant for Ardendale.
James Andermann of the EBR Redevelopment Agency gave the latest news on the development plans for that area.

Questions were asked by residents and property managers. Answers came from the speakers and from Captain David Poirrier, who heads up the extra duty BRPD detail that patrols our neighborhood. Thanks to Lewco and BRAF/Bon Carre Business Park for funding MECA, to Bon Carre Business Center for hosting the meeting, and Andrea Lejeune for organizing it.

As always, community participation is important to the ongoing progress of the MECA Mission. Without the involvment of our neighborhood leaders, we would not have the continued improvements in areas of beautification, security, crime control and outreach efforts to better the lives of our neighbors.


Recommendations for future events are not only welcome, but encouraged.